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Justin Amundrud is a producer and songwriter currently living in Nashville, TN. Writer at Centricity Music.



Selected Discography


There Is a Cloud - Elevation Worship (Producer, "Uncontainable Love", "Grateful", and "Oh Sing")

WWJD - Local Sound (Producer, songwriter)

You're Here - Donny & Carrie Karpinen (Producer)

Joy - Life.Church Worship (Producer, songwriter)

Starlight EP - Loren North (Producer, songwriter "Backward / Forward")

In Control + Home - Phil King (Producer, songwriter)

Sessions 2 - Riley, 1964 (Producer, songwriter)

Sessions 1 - Riley, 1964 (Producer, songwriter)

Dwell - Waken (Producer, songwriter)

Endless Light EP - Waken (Producer, songwriter)